Monday Begins on Saturday is a science fantasy Novel by Strugatsky brothers. It is set in a fictional town in Russia at the “Scientific Research Institute of Sorcery and Wizardry” where highly classified scientific research in magic is conducted. The novel depicts an idealistic view of the scientific work ethic, as suggested in the title, with the main idea that the scientists’ weekends are nonexistent. They work hard willingly and passionately, and  laziness, loss of passion or stagnation is symbolized by hair growing from their ears.

We, the Monday begins on Saturday duo, share this idea of passionate immersion into one’s work (be that science or anything else). And since our greatest passion is a continuous act of form-giving to both physical and digital matter, this is what this blog will be about. Here we shall share our thoughts, ideas, inspirations and glances behind the curtain of our own creative process.

Fabricio Rosa Marques

Fabricio is great at finding compromises and rescuing projects and emotions in most hopeless situations. He is responsible for positivity and optimism in Monday begins on Saturday. He loves exploring innovative ways for human interaction through technology.  He works thoughtfully but fast  and treats pixels with love and respect. The positive part of his being needs to be charged from time to time by fun and entertainment, therefore Fabricio is a passionate gamer. Follow Fabricio on twitter or visit his personal page.

Olga Epikhina

Olga has a clear vision of how everything should be. She is idealistic, and therefore critical. However she only criticizes things that she cares about in order to improve them,  and ignores the things that leave her cold or those that cannot be improved. Olga is passionate about the harmony of aesthetics and function, and the process of  transferring human visions into cultural artifacts. Follow Olga on twitter or visit his personal page.