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After a long break Monday Begins on Saturday is back. Since it’s International Women’s day today we are launching Remarkable women in history to celebrate amazing women, who, if not changed the course of human history, definitively influenced the world we are living in today.

It’s a continuous project, and we are planning to add more and more remarkable women to it throughout 2014. During our research it became clear to us how difficult it is for women even nowadays to follow their passion, build a successful career and at the same time have a fulfilled private life. Very few women, despite all the odds of the male dominated society, managed to make a contribution to the humanity and raise talented children and have a family.

All of the first 11 women that we chose to present at the launch of the project, one way or another, fought for women’s rights and equality. Russian mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya, for instance, had to marry to go abroad and study at the University since at that time women weren’t allowed to get higher education in the Russian Empire. She was the first woman in modern Europe to be appointed professor of mathematics and fought for women’s rights for education ever since. Coco Chanel revolutionized fashion and the way we see women’s clothes, she made it possible for women to wear clothes that were comfortable and allowed the freedom of movement, the luxury only men’s clothes had before her.

Celebrate and admire all those amazing women with us today! A free poster with all the 11 women is available for download.

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  • Jean Cul

    Great piece, just need to correct Mother Teresa’s dates 🙂 (1910-1997)