So we have recently visited “PIXAR – 25 years of animation” exhibition in the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn. The exhibition is quite nice and worth visiting, however, we expected more behind the scenes content.

All exhibits are very polished and Pixar-centered and show almost nothing about external artistic influences. The only exception was a movie shown right at the entrance of the exhibition. It provides some short insights into the creation process of PIXAR’s major animation films, but the movie itself was presented poorly — there were just two big touch screens standing in the corner of a sterile room, to make it even less attractive to watch, one of the screens wasn’t working properly. This is not merely comparable to what we’ve seen in Tokyo when visiting the Ghibli Museum (we might write another article on our visit there some time soon). Of course, the comparison is not quite fair since in the case with PIXAR it is a globally organized temporary exhibition; nevertheless, we hoped to experience more of PIXAR artists’ inspiration sources.

Taking pictures was prohibited and we thought it was a nice opportunity to make some sketches, so enjoy.

Olga’s sketches


Fabricio’s sketches

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