Phantom Limb started as a project during Global Game Jam 2011 at Cologne Game Lab. Since the game was exhibited during the Next Level Confenrence – which was also a main reason to finish it – we now decided to put it online.

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About the Game

You are human. You are falling apart with time. You can keep yourself alive by collecting limb substitutes from the environment. By doing that, however, you are destroying the world and condemning other life forms to extinction. You win when all parts are exchanged yet the world is destroyed all that is left is a limbo with your cubist art piece.


The Global Game Jam is an event which takes place at several hundred locations all over the world. People come together and develop games during 48 hours. The Global Game Jam we joined in Cologne is well documented, you can check it out at the CGL Blog, or have a look at this little documentation (sorry, german only):

Every Global Game Jam follows a main topic which is accompanied by several achievements: All of this serves as a framework to keep ideas on track and focused since time is too short to experiment with various concepts (Additionally, you all know about how constraints boost creativity, right?). The achievements were released a day before the Global Game started. After taking a look at them Orugasan and me had an inspiring discussion. Before we knew about the main topic itself we came up with a game-idea presenting a dissolving, cubistic character who has to reassemble himself using the sourrounding environment. However, at the same time while collecting substitutes, the character would destroy his surrounding world.

A day later, when the Global Game Jam started and the main topic “EXTINCTION” was announced, we pitched our idea. People seemed to like it, so we got started working on it by refining the concept further through discussions with our group. It was a lot of fun, but also a little over-complicated, since our group had to many members. We were six at peak-time, which forced us to subdivide tasks more than it would be really necessary in order to keep everybody working. Furthermore, not everybody was a “pro” on his task which brought up additional stress. It may all sound negative at this point, however it wasn’t. The Global Game Jam is an excellent way to gain a lot of experience in a very compressed manner. We learned our lesson and know what to do differently when joining the upcoming Global Game Jam 2012!

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  • Yu-Chung Chen

    Nice to see it release! Congrats.

    Reading about how the game came about through the GGJ is interesting; on the other hand, spelling out the game in the blog post might slightly lessen the impact of conveying the message through interactivity.

  • thank you! i guess you’re right to a certain extend. however, you already pointed out the 2 sides of the story: When composing this post we thought it might be a nice goodie to give at least some insights into the thought-process/point of the game. I guess there will be no major media coverage, nor will we release additional information concerning the game (at least we didn’t plan to), so this post tries to cover all major insights at once 😉