Monday Begins on Saturday is a science fantasy Novel by Strugatsky brothers. It is set in a fictional town in Russia at the “Scientific Research Institute of Sorcery and Wizardry” where highly classified scientific research in magic is conducted. The novel depicts an idealistic view of the scientific work ethic, as suggested in the title, with the main idea that the scientists’ weekends are nonexistent. They work hard willingly and passionately, and  laziness, loss of passion or stagnation is symbolized by hair growing from their ears.

Monday begins on Saturday – Book Cover

Most of our collaborative working time is only available on weekends or spare time, so »our« work time indeed begins after the official/individual working hours end. Since no collaborative projects are online yet, check out Olga’s Portfolio or my shots on dribbble (I’m workin on a new portfolio since my old one is out-of-date).

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