Remarkable Women in History

History Women

After a long break Monday Begins on Saturday is back. Since it’s International Women’s day today we are launching Remarkable women in history to celebrate amazing women, who, if not changed the course of human history, definitively influenced the world we are living in today.

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Pixar Exhibition


So we have recently visited “PIXAR – 25 years of animation” exhibition in the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany in Bonn. The exhibition is quite nice and worth visiting, however, we expected more behind the scenes content.

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Paper Prototyping

Inspired by the Global Game Jam 2012 we decided to put together a small article about paper prototyping, or, to be more specific, about User Experience Prototyping focusing on interactive experiences such as games and applications.

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Happy New Year


The Monday begins on Saturday collective wishes you a wonderful start to 2012! For this special occasion we decided to create an interactive postcard, so go ahead and explore it!

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Dribbble invites giveaway


Monday Begins on Saturday proudly presents a small competition for 3 Dribbble invites. Create a 400×300 pixel shot to the topic Strugatsky brothers’ novel “Monday begins on saturday”.

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Phantom Limb released


Phantom Limb started as a project during Global Game Jam 2011 at Cologne Game Lab. Since the game was exhibited during the Next Level Confenrence – which was also a main reason to finish it – we now decided to put it online.

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Nausicaa, the game designer

With this article we would like to leave the topic of semiotics and visual design rest for a while (in order to get back to it with more insights and fresh information, of course) and get to look at another topic which interests us a lot, and that is game design, or more precisely, to the ancient profession of game designers.

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Triangle Aesthetics


When playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, we noticed a predominant presence of polygonal and triangular shapes all over the game world. Triangular aesthetics of Deus Ex is a part of the overall futuristic look, but how about the use of triangular shapes today? Let’s have a quick look.

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Visual Alchemy


Recently when surfing the waves of the world wide web for visual inspirations we noticed the abundance of sleek, elegant and simple but slightly familiar symbols used by creatives as logos. After having a closer look at some of those we realized that they were countless variations of alchemical symbols.

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Why does Monday begin on Saturday?

Monday Begins on Saturday is a science fantasy Novel by Strugatsky brothers. It is set in a fictional town in Russia at the “Scientific Research Institute of Sorcery and Wizardry” where highly classified scientific research in magic is conducted.

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